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Dog Bite Accident Attorney

What to Do if a Dog Bites You.

There are immediate steps that you should take if a dog bites you. First, check the bite, if it is serious, immediately get medical treatment. Second, call the police and report the dog bite. They will contact animal control and document the dog bite. Third, take pictures of the injury, the dog and the seceen. The more pictures the better. Try and get he dog owner’s contatct information. Ask top see ID to verify who they are. If possible take a picture of their driver’s license. lastly, contact the dog bite accident attorneys at Krupp Law Offices for an immedate consultation with a dog bite attorney. 616-459-6636

How Much Does A Dog Bite Attorney Cost?

A dog bite accident attorney costs you nothing. We will review your case and explain the dog bite laws as it applies to ou. If you want us to represent you, we receive 1/3 of the settlement. YWe only get paid if we settle you case.

How Do I Get Started With a Dog Bite Accident Attorney?

Getting started with a dog bite accident attorney from Krupp Law Offices is easy. Just call us for an immediately consultation with an attorney. We will review your case with you for free. If you want to mstart you case, we will gather the information from you and get started immediately.

Dog Bite Accident Information:

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